About us

The StudioAt our shop Heather Chapplain, we want you the customer to feel happy and satisfied with your one of a kind purchase. We want you to feel confident and stylish while wearing our products.

In our denim pieces I try and use as much vintage trims and buttons as possible. We also use high end lace, trims, buttons and ribbons. Sometimes you may find photo transfers on some of our pieces or perhaps a hand stencilled or painted design. I also hand apply all the fresh water pearls and semi precious stones myself. We want you to know that much care and thought goes into all of our up cycled denim pieces.

Our Kitchy 50’s kitchen sets are also one of a kind. Made with premium cottons. You will find many inspiring prints that will definitely make you want to whip up a delicious dinner or perhaps bake something wonderful like a cake or pie.

Our kimonos are made with your comfort and style in mind. Although these may not always be an absolute one of a kind piece, there will not be that many made in production. These are definitely a limited edition.

Last but not least come our small works of art. These pieces are made to be framed. We create some with mixed media only and the others may have an encaustic piece added to them. These are great little gifts to give and all are one of a kind.